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The Travel Well – Delayed Flight and Airport Activities

January 26, 2016

(As always, comments are appreciated. Partners on this venture are always welcomed. So, contact me with whatever.)

In today’s posting, a range of things to think about as it relates to airport delays but ranging with possible activities. Some airports have the most unusual activities such as offering the opportunity to get married to hunting.



'The arrival of Flight 208 will be delayed. They've run into some beautiful weather and they're taking in the sights.' 


With the snow slamming in the Eastern United States, clearly many people had to find ways to pass the time. Definitely, many people made the best of the snow.

In many places, there are pictures of people sledding down hills with children.

In New York – “Netflix and Chill” was a headline floating around.

Thousands of flights were cancelled over the past weekend. Transit services in a bunch of cities were also suspended last weekend.

With that, I thought is may be useful to show what to do if your flight is delayed. What activities can keep you busy? Restaurants or some suggestions to pass the time can you do besides sitting at the bar or sitting on the phone (not a bad thing by any means)?


Your Rights as a Flyer

Coping With Flight Delays


Passing the Time


Unusual Airport Activities

Story from Across the Pond


Not-So-Random Facts about Traveling

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics ( provides probably the most comprehensive stats especially as it relates to those articles that talk about the best and worst airport and airlines. However, much of the data is reported by the airline carriers, with the number of carriers reporting changing every year, due to mainly to airline consolidation. For example, 20 carriers reported their arrival figures in 2008. The figure has decreased in almost every year with only 14 reporting in 2015. Overall on-time arrival was at 80.1% through November 2015 (December 2015 was not available at the time of publishing), which was better on-time numbers than 2013 (79.1%) and 2014 (76.3%).

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