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The Travel Well – Best Travel Perks?

February 24, 2016

(As always, comments are appreciated. Partners on this venture are always welcomed. So, contact me with whatever.)

'Hey, Pam, what do you think? I get extra air miles for using my own transportation!'


When we all travel, not only do we want the least expensive, least painful travel experience with whom you are traveling. C’mon, we also think about how many points we are getting for traveling. Whether it be strictly for our flight, our hotel, our rental car, etc. It does not hurt to get a little extra something while we pay a higher and higher cost for traveling somewhere.

As we know, there are a number of reasons we may fly on Delta, United, American, Southwest, etc…

In case you are curious (I am about a lot of things, such as how did those great chocolate candies – circular chocolates with white sprinkles – get the affectionate name of non-pareils? I often cannot stop myself from eating them.), here are a couple sites to consider. This is even when pondering which travel credit card to sign up for. Again, just things to think about:

The Least Expensive Reward Redemption? Clearly the date of your travel will determine a lot of that price, but how to maximize your points?

Check out these sights for some insights on how to maximize your points.

Of course, when we rack up so many points or miles and want to redeem for a flight or other things – magazines, hotel rooms, etc,, we commonly want to maximize that usage. Of course, deciding on the opportunity cost, at times is factored in. Would I be better to hold on to a certain number of points or just use on something else?

So, here is a thought when thinking about cashing in those points…



I hope I am always maximizing the potential use of my points. I hope you do, too. I am always looking at the above sights to try to get it right. I will take any thoughts on this if there is better. Cheers!!


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