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The Travel Well – Sports Calendars

April 1, 2016

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So, at this time of the year, much thought is given towards Spring. Beginning of the baseball season acts as a marker that Spring is from a calendar perspective (maybe not from a weather perspective) is here. We start thinking maybe more about hotdogs and peanuts and warmer weather. Additionally, this is Final Four weekend for both women’s and men’s college basketball. So, probably the mental accounting shifts a bit when thinking about sports, sports seasons, and possibly travel. Maybe Spring break has occurred for various families due to the timing that schools and universities have set out. Pretty much every sport crosses through at least three seasons. Maybe you can say, professional basketball and hockey cut through four seasons.

So, add to this year with the Olympic games in Rio de Janiero this summer. Again, adjust the summer schedule to take in the two weeks of athletic awesomeness (I really wanted to use that word today). You can never forget the significant horse racing events, especially when American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown last year. Golf and race car events also occupy a huge space to account for.

You have sights like this Sports Travel and Tours ( that enable you to go visit various sporting events. It’s pretty great that Google has a sports calendar option so you can plan populate various team’s schedules into your Google calendar.

This article may explain a lot.

Anyways, Happy April Fool’s Day.

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